Dr. Garry Specht, DC

Chiropractor in Winnipeg, MB

Chiropractor in Winnipeg, MB

In 2011, Dr. Garry Specht retired after 34 years of dedicated service to his patients. We would all like to thank him for his hard work, passion, and professionalism that he demonstrated to his patients and profession.

His files remain at our office and Dr.Speirs is eager to assist all of Dr.Specht’s previous patients.

Services offered by Aberdeen Chiropractic include: Chiropractic Care | Laser Therapy | Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation(IASTM) | Exercise Rehabilitation | Trigger Point Therapy | Acupuncture

Aberdeen Chiropractic is easily accessible to patients from West Saint Paul, East Saint Paul, North Transcona, Southdale, Riverdale, River East, Garden City, Central St. Boniface, Downtown Winnipeg, Saint James, Manitoba.

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