Bryan Cobb

Chiropractor in Winnipeg, MB

Bryan holds a degree as an Advanced Remedial Massage Therapist, from the Massage Therapy College of Manitoba. He also has a background in Anatomy, Exercise Physiology and Sport Sciences with courses from the University of Manitoba.

Since 2005, Bryan has been dedicated to helping all people with chronic and acute pain caused by soft-tissue damage. His training and experience make him uniquely qualified to treat a wide variety of pain and dysfunction and to give instruction on prevention and self-care.

Services offered by Aberdeen Chiropractic include: Chiropractic Care | Laser Therapy | Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation(IASTM) | Exercise Rehabilitation | Trigger Point Therapy

Our Chiropractic Clinic is easily accessible to patients from West Saint Paul, East Saint Paul, North Transcona, Southdale, Riverdale, River East, Garden City, Central St. Boniface, Downtown Winnipeg, Saint James, Manitoba.

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