What Makes Aberdeen Chiropractic Stand Out

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About Aberdeen Chiropractic

We are an evidence-based family clinic serving the community of Winnipeg, Manitoba, since 1978. To ensure our clients obtain relief, we use proven methods to treat injuries related to work, sports, and automobile accidents. At the same time, we also offer family care and general health treatments.

From inception, in 1978, we have been successfully serving Winnipeg and its surrounding area. Over the years, we have seen people from all walks of life, of all ages, and of all interests. We treat them all as individuals and look forward to serving our community for another forty-two more years.

In the last four decades, Chiropractic has grown into a leading choice for pain treatment. Today, we have regular patients from as far as Arborg and Steinbach and as close as the next street over. To help our clients improve the mobility of their body and reduce aches and pain, over time, we also added exercise rehabilitation, IASTM, Laser, muscle release techniques, and multiple modalities to our treatment programs.

At our practice, we’ve noticed that with different seasons come different types of cases. Winter brings in a lot of patients with shoveling and car accidents. During the spring, we see injuries from re-starting gardening, outdoor sports, and being outside. There are many injuries experienced in the summertime, too, like slips and falls on pool decks and injuries from summer sports. In autumn, we usually see an increase in slips and falls, as well as from getting the yards and house ready for winter.

The Aberdeen Chiropractic Difference

As leading chiropractors, we are most proud of our ability to treat our patients as unique individuals. Each case we attend to is different, and our specialized treatment plans reflect that.

When patients enlist our services at Aberdeen Chiropractic, we ensure that they get the best treatment possible, for the right reasons. We do not pressurize them into long term care plans. Our patients are given the treatment they need to get better, stay better, and improve their long term outlook.

Our clinic focuses on individual needs to ensure patients get the best treatment to help them recover from pain and rigidity. We do not engage in high-pressure sales tactics or multi-year care plans. We simply offer our clients safe, effective pain-relief treatments.

Through the years, seeing our patient base increase annually from word of mouth alone has been one of our proudest achievements. It tells us that people are willing to trust us to help those who matter most to them.

Other significant achievements for us were when we received the Gary Stavrou Award for Excellence in Clinical Skills in 2005 and the WLH Chiropractor of the Year in 2012. These awards have really helped put our business on the map and amplify the value of our services.

Moving forward, we aim to continue increasing our standing in the areas of pain relief and performance improvement by working with allied health professionals, coaches, trainers, and like-minded professionals.

Currently, our doctors hold DC designations (Doctor of Chiropractic), and our Trigger Point Therapist is a licensed RMT (Massage Therapist). In the future, we expect to hire more professionals in these areas to treat more patients that come our way.

Besides helping our clients, we also contribute to our community to help uplift it. To do this, our business participates annually in major fund-raising efforts to support Cancer Care Manitoba, The True North Youth Foundation, and Continuity Cares.

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