Chiropractic Care and Back Pain Study

Author: Dr Robert Speirs |

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A new JAMA study of 750 active duty US military personnel with acute low back pain compared the effectiveness of standard care alone (medication, physical therapy, pain management) vs. a collaborative care plan that included chiropractic manipulation:

“Chiropractic care, when added to usual medical care, resulted in improvements in low back pain intensity and disability. This trial provides additional support for the inclusion of chiropractic care as a component of multidisciplinary health care for low back pain, as currently recommended in existing guidelines.”

In the study, chiropractic co-managed patients reported:


  • significantly lower pain intensity
  • significantly less symptom “bothersomeness”
  • significantly better perceived improvement
  • significantly greater satisfaction with care
  • significantly less pain medication use no serious treatment-related adverse events


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